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art on the run

I spend a lot of time travelling: I have been a musician playing internationally for more than 40 years. I am a drummer/percussionist. 

my time away from music---away??-- has mainly been spent finding a way to make art work in a life of mobility and flux.

I used to see  all this as negative limitation . now of course i have different perceptions and other skills.

also it has brought me to focus on other ways to present art to the public:

the issue of mobility parallel to the way art can be shown to the public.

the factors of limited space and limited time.

the pop-up gallery or a space on-the-run. threads and traces that link the artist to the environment .

an art for the table, for the pocket, to afford a mobility both in the circumstance of its birth and in how it is presented to the world.

the concern is as much to do with the process.



究極的に言ってしまえば、私にとってアートとは卓上に置いたり、ポケットの中にコンパクトに納まる「移動可能なアート」。流動する空間に置かれた私が作る作品は、限られた時間と場所の狭間に見出された瞬間を捉えているのだと思う。だからポップアートギャラリー(短期間に出現するギャラリー空間)あるいは“space on-the-run” 私の演奏ツアーとともに、移動する「常時、進行形の一過性展示スペース」が相応しい。

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